Irene's Story

My Story


My name is Irene Asiama.  I am a wife and a mother of four beautiful children.

I found a lump in my breast in 2007 while in Ghana, where we had moved to at the time.  I didn't think there was any issue to be  concerned about as three weeks had passed by and I had yet to get my results back from my mammogram.  I decided to come back to the US and get a checkup, and within one week I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.

As I told my doctors from the beginning, I will fight the cancer with God and medicine.  This is when I made my vow to God that once I was healed, I would share my testimony and help other people.  

Someone once told me a story about a man that fell in a deep hole and was trying, to get someone to get him out of that hole.  A pastor came by and told the man that he would say a prayer for him.  A doctor came by, wrote him a prescription and threw it down the hole.  A baker came by, and threw  bread down the hole at him,but the man was stuck looking for a way out of the hole.  Then, Joe came and quickly jumped into the hole, so the man said, "great, now two people are stuck in the hole".  But Joe said, "follow me, because I have been in this hole before, so I know the way out of this hole."

This story explains my desire to help people.  To volunteer my time and strength whenever I can. To help someone else besides myself,  because I have been given another opportunity in life through God's grace, to be able to serve other people.